Wow a little bit of nostalgica here, because lead vocalist/bassist DAVID KUHN was featured by us in the late 1990s and early 2000s, firstly as member of the legendary Pomprockband CITADEL, whom released a one-off record in the late 1970s. The second time we extensively did a write-up on him was during his solo venture, which not only included a review of his excellent AOR CD ‘Talk it over’, but also an interview with David. Then it became quiet around this talented musician, but suddenly in December 2013 I received an email from David himself. It appears that he is back on track with a new band called THE KUHN BROTHERS, which besides David also features his brother KEVIN KUHN on guitars and Sean McDaniel on drums. They released a very strong CD titled ‘Ironhead’ just recently and the included original material is a mix of Classic Rock, Melodic Hardrock and AOR, with a slight heavy bluesrock touch. At times it sounds like a mix between CONEY HATCH, USA and Y&T, with a dash of AOR. It is really a strong Classic Rock kinda album with perfect vocalwork of David, who sounds so much like CARL DIXON, so therefore the CONEY HATCH comparison. He absolute highlights are the early 1980s US uptempo AOR/Radiorockers “Summer again” and “Wasn’t counting on it” that both sound a lot like 707 during their first couple of albums. The other 9 tracks fall into the earlier on mentioned Classic Hardrocksound of CONEY HATCH, TALAS and SANTERS, and I have to admit that it does sound very impressive. Although the production doesn’t have the high quality of the major label releases, it has a sort of charmness which makes you truly feel this is authentical Classic Hardrock album. Without a doubt, recommended to check out for sure. More info at:


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The Kuhn Brothers, a trio consisting of lead vocalist and bassist David Kuhn, electric/acoustic guitar player and backing vocalist Kevin Kuhn, and drummer Sean McDaniel, have released an 11-track album inspired by their first ride, the first time they heard that motor roar.  This album is definitely for those who want to relive those firsts.  Digital, $11; physical, $12.  Info: The Kuhn Brothers,


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