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It has been a long time since we recorded an album of our own music together.  While we've certainly been busy recording and performing for many other people through these years, we never forgot how great it felt, and how much fun we had working on our music.

So we decided it was finally time to do our own projects together again.…

Since the first recording project with our group CITADEL we've always tried to make every project, especially those we were hired for, a learning experience. Weather it was a motion picture, a television show, an album recording, a concert performance or a theatrical production, we were always watching & listening to directors, engineers & producers, asking questions whenever possible, (without getting in the way, of course!) and bringing these experiences to future projects. Hopefully, we will now bring them to our new projects.


Recently granted our U.S. Federal Trademark for music production, we compose & write original songs, as well as instrumental music, and produce recordings of our works. We also own all of our publishing rights and the master use rights to our recordings. This gives us the freedom to enter into various types of non-exclusive & exclusive agreements for the usage of our work.  

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have worked in some of the best studios in New York and Los Angeles through the years, and will always strive to use what we've learned along the way.

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David and Kevin


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